Second language learning in America

November 8th, 2010 | Filed under: Opinion, teaching

On a recent trip to the grocery store I shyly approached a young man (probably a teenage boy) quietly stocking the shelves. I stammered out my best “Pardon, spreekt u Engels?” to which he replied “a little bit.” I let out a sigh of relief even though I knew the answer before asking – everyone speaks at least “a little bit” of English. I’d been in The Netherlands for long enough at that point to recognize a Polish accent when he spoke. I needed help figuring out what to do with my produce since a sign covered up the scale where I normally weighed my fruit and obtained my price. While this young man’s English language skills weren’t perfect, he still understood my question and gave me the answer I needed.

thank you note for every language

I was impressed, as I often am when outside the U.S., by this man’s skill in being a Polish immigrant to The Netherlands speaking enough Dutch to get him a job at a store and also speaking enough English to help me. This man spoke three languages. Maybe not perfectly or academically, but he still spoke three languages. This wasn’t some university professor who had spent time in another country or a young person privelged enough to attend second language lessons at a young age. This was a stock boy in a grocery store. Graphic by woodleywonderworks.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve found myself shocked by the second and third language skills of people in countries other than my own. In France a garbage collector was able to give me directions in a nearly perfect English accent. In my Dutch class there are students with native languages that make learning Dutch much more difficult than it is for me (Thai, for example), yet their tongues form the words and when they can’t get their point across they switch almost effortlessly to English. It’s in these moments that I realize my stereotype of multilingualism as a hobby of the elite is completely unfounded.

These moments shame me and inspire me. I am fluent in only one language – English. I attended a few private (and very low budget) Christian schools and graduated from public school where I was required to study Spanish. I also studied Spanish at university, but I can do little more than understand vocabulary words and simple sentences. Conversing is out of the question. I know very few people in the U.S. who are truly bilingual or even fluent in another language. The few people I know in America who are bilingual are so because they were raised in homes where English was not the first language spoken – not because their schools pushed them toward fluency in another tongue.

Research has shown us, time and time again, that the time in our development most ripe for language learning is at a young age, yet very few schools begin foreign language study at the primary level. On a recent trip back to America, I had a chance to grab a drink with a friend I taught with last year and we both lamented our inability to speak a foreign language and the daunting prospect of attempting to achieve fluency as adults. We felt jipped by our educations – like the people making the decisions didn’t think we were important enough to cultivate into global citizens. Unfortunately, part of the problem with foreign language education in the American public school systems is time. Students often have to take five or six classes each year just to graduate, leaving little time for in-depth study of a second language. And many students can graduate without ever having studied a foreign language.

America has put so much pressure on English and math courses as “most important” in the curriculum. Many of my students struggled with communicating clearly in their native English tongue and they were approaching 18 years old, so one might ask why we should even bother getting those students learning another language on top of English. We should do it because there is no better way to understand your native language than through the lens of a foreign one. I have never been so cognizant of English grammar constructions than when I started studying Dutch. I’m an “English teacher,” yet I’m continually learning about my own language as I learn a second one. To understand how the Dutch construct a sentence one has to understand how it differs from how sentences are constructed in your own language.

The lackluster foreign language education in America is breeding unilingual teachers like myself. The teachers who are bilingual (or multilingual) see the marketability of that fact and may reach beyond the borders of America for more lucritive and exciting careers in international education or opt for private schools that will compensate them for the rarity of fluency in a second language. Or they may skip over the prospect of education as a career since pay scales are set in stone and allow little room to compensate new hires for unique skills.

Dutch students are required to study not just their native language and English in school, but French and German. We put limits on the potential of American students by not pushing them to study two or more languages. Being able to speak a second or third language instills confidence in students and opens up new worlds to them, not to mention it helps to mold them into more global-minded individuals by allowing them to delve into cultures other than their own. While I hate the rhetoric about America “losing” to other countries in certain fields and studies, I would ask the leaders that make that argument as a push for standardized testing how they expect the students that score highly on those bubble tests to help America “win” if they can’t communicate in languages other than English?

I feel like I was done a disservice in my education by seeing foreign language study portrayed as an elective and being told “but don’t worry – everyone speaks English.” That may be comforting to the occasional traveler, but if we want our students to be able to go anywhere and do anything, as we so often tell them they can, then we have to put a heavier pressure on administrators and elected officials to appreciate and fund foreign language education.

Now, who wants to help me with my Spanish?

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31 Comments on “Second language learning in America”

  1. 1 james@english editing said at 7:49 am on November 8th, 2010:

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  2. 2 Brandi Alexander said at 9:15 am on November 20th, 2010:

    Hi, Mary!
    I am a student at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class and I was assigned to comment on one of your blog posts. I really appreciated this post because I have always thought about this myself. At my High School, we only had to have two credits of a foreign language to graduate, and we had two choices-French or Spanish. I, myself, took French I and II and learned a lot but still only learned the very, very basic concepts. I think if the U.S. put more emphasis on learning second languages and studying other countries and cultures that students can broaden their horizons a bit and will be given more insight on what is out there to accomplish as far as careers, or even travel opportunities, are concerned. Thank you for sharing this post!

  3. 3 Mary Worrell said at 7:27 am on November 23rd, 2010:

    Thanks for commenting, Brandi! I feel the same way about my Spanish studies. I learned the basics and can understand some things, but never a conversation.

  4. 4 Jennifer Inscore said at 9:26 pm on November 30th, 2010:

    Well said, Mrs. Worrell! You make a good point stating that “time” is a problem for the learning of another language. I wonder though, the schools I attended always made us choose a certain amount of elective courses, such as, Home Economics or etc. If some courses are considered electives and are not mandatory than why couldn’t our schools replace one of the electives with a mandatory secondary language course? It is important that we learn a variety of basic language skills to communicate with the variety of people that we come in contact with. I took two years of Spanish in my High School and I learned absolutely nothing. Passed and learned nothing. In my first few years of college I took Spanish and made an A. Guess what, I still learned nothing. Feeling jipped by my previous educators is a huge understatement! I am thinking maybe I should try that Rosetta Stone program. After all, it couldn’t hurt and I will probably learn more than I did in any of my previous classes. :)
    -Student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. Class blog:
    My blog:

  5. 5 Mary Worrell said at 8:26 am on December 1st, 2010:


    I think you’re on to something with making at least one language required other than the mother tongue. The international baccalaureate middle years program does just that. It requires study of the mother tongue plus a Language B. This is something that would take a lot of time, resources, energy, but I think the benefits will far outweigh those.

    As for Rosetta Stone, I’ve used it and I’m not sure it’s the best method for me. However, there are awesome free resources out there with user-generated and supported content. My favorite is Livemocha. You can get real feedback from native speakers and help others learning a language you know improve. I’ve given lots of feedback to ESL folks and gotten native Dutch speakers to help me.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Now that your class is following it, I’m feeling the pressure to post more often :)

    – Mary

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